Sure, peanut butter sticks to the roof of your mouth, but the thing about Kraft Peanut Butter is that it also sticks people together, and has been doing so for decades. With our new brand platform #sticktogether, we brought the much loved iconic teddy bears front and centre and created a touching celebration of the place a lifelong friend (and okay yes, Kraft Peanut Butter) holds in Canadians' hearts and minds.  


In addition to our television spot, we've been extremely active on social media, engaging with Kraft PB lovers all over Canada. After the spot aired, we received hundreds of photos of people with their own beloved bears as part of our "share your bear" contest and thousands of requests for their own set of Kraft bears. So of course, we made them just in time for the holidays. Here are my girls with their new lifelong buds.

Lurzer's Archive

Our spot was recently featured in the film section of Lurzer's Archive International.